Welcome to the Mud Rooms – Entering Through the Back Door

There is something very personal about entering a home through the mud room. Typically, it is the entrance of choice for a family. You do not necessarily need an army of children to appreciate the simplicity and brilliance of this much needed space. It’s a place to throw off your shoes and change into your play cloths like Mister Rogers use to do.

Though a mudroom is utilitarian in function, thoughtful design can enhance the experience of passing through this portal. Being a wood guy, I prefer warm finishes with built in custom cabinets for storage and a place to sit. Stone or tile on the floor is not only easier to clean but creates a clear definition between mud room and home.

A great idea for this space is a combination white board/ bulletin board with important schedules or humorous cutouts from the New Yorker. Details like old fashion wardrobe hooks, electronic chargers and an under counter fridge to store tomorrows lunch are all part of the solution to making the morning exodus stress-free and the evening return welcoming.


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