Pre-Construction Services
Before construction begins, LB Contractors & Company Inc. will:
Evaluate the client’s needs and the project’s feasibility and make sure the project is a
   good fit.
Coordinate design study and research zoning issues with city (and, when applicable,
   neighborhood associations).
Coordinate architectural design (including mechanical and structural systems).
Develop budget and analyze costs.
Set start date and coordinate with city to ensure plans are complete and on schedule.
Coordinate the bidding process.
Draw up and negotiate construction contract.
Develop a detailed, daily schedule of work.
Provide client with detailed list (with deadlines) for all necessary client decisions.
Collaborate with designers (including exterior, interior, landscape and audio/visual).
Meet with all project superintendents, subcontractors, and building inspectors at job site
   to discuss scope of work.

Construction Services
During Construction, LB Contractors & Company Inc. will:
Develop scope of work for all subcontractors and employees.
Draw up daily and weekly performance goals.
Manage critical-path schedule to insure timely completion.
Track cost, value and performance of all tradesmen and categories of work.
Oversee all subcontractors and ensure their timely payment.
Hold weekly on-site meetings with client, contractor and project superintendent present.
   (Architect, designers and subcontractors attend as needed.)
Generate daily log and weekly progress reports to insure all team members are informed
   and up to date.
Coordinate all inspections to ensure smooth flow of work.
Generate bimonthly invoices highlighting budget, any changes, schedule, percentage
   complete by category and total amount due.
Secure project against theft and vandalism. (Most projects are gated and lit.)
Document project in photographs accessible online.

Post Construction Services
After substantial completion, LB Contractors & Company Inc. will:
Coordinate with client to create punch lists and execute all items.
Supply client with written instructions and specifications on all systems.
Meet with client and subcontractors for a final walk-through with explanations on use of
   all systems.
Provide a maintenance schedule for all household systems.
Warranty work for at least one year after substantial completion.

Construction Fee Options
Stipulated sum: Fixed price based on construction cost, overhead, markup and risk
   involved. This arrangement may appeal to the client who insists on a fixed price. (Price
   includes only items included on the contracted cost breakdown.)
Cost plus percentage of cost: Percentage of construction cost and overhead. This
   arrangement may appeal to the client who wants to exert more control over details of
   the project. But it requires considerable attention to paperwork by the client and/or
   client’s representative.

LB Contractors & Company Inc. and all of its subcontractors carry all necessary
policies, including:
Workman’s compensation insurance.
$5,000,000 general liability insurance.